The birth of smartphones has without a doubt brought about the emergence of entire new industries and revolutionized countless others. One industry that has been a trending topic is the online dating world and how it has been revolutionized due to the mobile takeover of the industry. For an industry that was slowly regressing into a downhill spiral, app companies like Tinder seized the opportunity to revitalize the market with mobile technology and a simple, intuitive mobile app. It has not only killed the stigma that came along with the online dating of old, but has made it a worldwide trend.

Although Tinder might seem like a company that has it all figured out, there have been other dating apps that have risen into the market and bursted their monopoly. Apps like Bumble are leapfrogging Tinder in terms of downloads and active users due to their incorporation of features that Tinder has neglected to incorporate to further satisfy their end users. This shows that there is still hope in this newly emerged market for other dating apps of this variety if done correctly. So if you are considering creating a mobile dating app as a start-up venture, read on for tips and information about creating a successful one.

The Market Is Constantly Growing

According to reports from Pew Research Center, 80 percent of Americans say that online dating is a good way to meet people. To have this much consensus over what used to be a controversial idea to the majority of the population should be enough to show you the revolution that is occurring.

Tinder was launched back in 2012, and now, after only six years, has had over 100 million downloads with 20 billion matches and averages 1.6 billion swipes per day. This is one of the best examples of how user experience can revolutionize how people view an industry. The report also revealed that “since 2013, the use of online dating apps by young adults has nearly tripled.” With no sign of slowing down, now is the time if you are wanting to get a pawn in the game!


Niche Markets Galore

As previously noted, although Tinder and Bumble may be the two most popular names in the mobile dating app realm, there are plenty of niches that come along with dating that can be capitalized on in the current market. For example, the Hater dating app is a newly trending app that connects people based off of things they dislike. This goes to show that the possibilities are endless in terms of dating apps that can sell. One of our previous clients, Live Love Live, is a dating app that focuses on live streaming dates as a new concept that has been taking off. What will your niche feature be that will set you apart from the rest of the pack?


High Revenue Potential

Mobile dating apps are also among the top apps in terms of creating the most revenue. This is because their extra paid-for features have been a greater sell than upgrades in just about every other type of app. If you can develop the right features that are unique and people are willing to pay for to access, you unlock unlimited earning potential.


High Engagement Among Users

Another factor with mobile dating apps that make them an enticing venture for app developers and startups is the amount of engagement they receive from their users. It has been estimated that active dating app users spend an average of 90 minutes per day looking for matches. This is almost as much engagement, if not more, than some of the top social media platforms receive from millennials.



As it appears, love could be a booming business opportunity. While setting yourself apart in terms of features and a niche market are important, we believe having the best UI mobile app design is the key. The user experience will always be the number one driver behind every successful app. So, if you are interested in the idea of developing your own mobile dating app, give our mobile UI design experts a call at Xecuit. As a Top Rated National® app design company, we are here to take your mobile app project to new heights and set you up for success.