In today’s times, having an aesthetically pleasing mobile app is simply not good enough. In order for your mobile app to truly be successful, it must be designed with UX (user experience) in mind by an app design company that puts it at the forefront of the creative process.

Focusing on the UX during the design and development stages is almost completely ingrained in most app design companies’ processes at this point. If you ask anyone who develops mobile apps or desktop programs, they’ll say that UX design is a natural and essential part of their workflow. As you should with any quality product, why wouldn’t you design with your end user in mind when it comes to your app?

Sure, it’s second nature to most of us now, but it hasn’t always been. Back in the 90’s, all anybody cared about was simply securing our place on the Internet, no matter what it looked like or how easy it was for people to navigate. So how did we get here? Why did we arrive here? And why is it so important to focus on mobile app UX design?

What Is Mobile App UX Design?

“UX design is a discipline concerned with all the elements that together make up that interface, including layout, visual design, text, brand, sound, and interaction.”

The User Experience Professionals Association (UXPA)

It may seem redundant, but one of the key components to mobile app UX design is usability.

Since mobile app design UX design is so user-centric, designers focus on the most common issues that are come across to ensure they’re creating a user-friendly app. This concerns all major functions of your mobile app and how easy it is for the end user to perform them. How intuitive are the functions of your app? How many taps does it take for them to give a conversion? Whether it be adding a product to their cart and checking out or calling to book an appointment, it’s important to make your desired end result from people using your app as simple and intuitive as possible. UX is meant to deliver the ease of use that anyone, regardless of however tech-savvy they may or not be, will be able to navigate.

Why Mobile App UX Design Is So Important

It is important to note that UX design is always an ongoing process, not a one-and-done set up procedure. As you likely have already noticed, all of your apps on your phone come out with new updates to fix issues in usability that come up from user feedback. Not all of these updates are simply solving problems though. Good app design companies think of potential UX issues before they ever arise or determine new ways to improve the app with additional features when a new technology has become available for implementation. Whatever the change though, it must be working towards accomplishing your UX goals.

Getting mobile app UX design right is especially important for small businesses and startups where your app is more than likely people’s first impression of your company. People are hesitant to travel to brick and mortar stores that they haven’t heard of, but studies have shown that people will download an app to give it a try with little to no hesitation. Even if you have a physical location, people are likely to visit your website or mobile app to get an idea of your business before deciding to make a purchase. Impression is everything in today’s consumer-centric business realm.

If you’re ready to take the next step in developing a mobile app design for your business, be sure to hire a team of expert UX app designers like Xecuit. Get in contact with us today to get a free flat rate quote for designing your app, your way.