It is no longer a matter of when. The times have come. Everything you digitally create must now be mobile first. Starting almost three years ago now, Google started giving a higher priority to mobile searches versus desktop browsing, and they use this information in their rankings procedures.

Switching your website to a “mobile first” strategy entails making your content viewable as well as optimized for a pleasurable experience across all mobile devices. Incorporating a responsive web design is a great start to this process, but it is only the first step of many you should be putting into effect to keep current in this quickly-evolving industry.

The following are a few of our recommendations here at Xecuit for keeping up and even getting ahead in our mobile-inclined digital world. If you think you are ready to develop a fully mobile extension to your business assets with a brand new mobile app, reach out to us to receive a free consultation for designing your app with the Top Rated National® user experience.  

Simplify Your Navigation

Having hidden navigation menus decreases the number of times your pages are discovered immensely. When designing anything with mobile in mind, it’s imperative for users to have access to everything you want them to within one touch. Users would rather scroll down through an entire page to find something rather than dig through menu bars where you have to be extra careful not to click on the wrong links.

They shouldn’t have to go digging through various menus in order to find what they are looking for. It goes without saying that the bounce rate of sites is significantly higher on mobile compared to desktop users, so we suggest making the navigation process as much of a breeze as possible to ensure you keep your users active.

Design For Thumbs, Not Mouses

This is one of the major factors behind a great mobile user experience that often goes under the radar by many web and app developers. So often do we see menu bars still at the top of websites that is near impossible to click what you want to on the first try. As mobile devices get bigger, it becomes more and more difficult to reach content that is housed on the outer edges of the screen.

Incorporate Video

According to a study conducted by the Nielson Group, roughly 30% of consumers watch videos on their mobile devices at least once a day. By embracing video and implementing it into your marketing strategy, you will experience a much higher engagement rate no matter your business type.

Make Your Content Digestible

When you open up a restaurant menu, is it easier for you to make a decision when the menu has a few items with pictures of each of them or when it consists of pages of numerous items in list form?

The same concept applies to the digital world, and especially the mobile world. With so many options available for just about everything there is to purchase as consumers, it can easily become overwhelming— leading to us giving up or choosing the wrong product or service.

By taking time to divide your information and content up into manageable portions, your audience will be much more pleased and therefore more inclined to choose you over the competition.


We hope these insights will benefit you in your quest to acquire the upper hand in the competitive world of mobile apps and websites. Want to get professional help? Reach out to our team of experts at Xecuit. We can help you no matter where you are in your web design or mobile app design process.