The “Mobile App UI Design” category consists of a variety of topics that detail user interface when it comes to app design. The articles detail what makes us at Xecuit UI experts as well as what characteristics make up a quality user interface for mobile apps. We will continue to go into further detail about the different best practices for a well equipped user interface for the different types of apps that we have had the privilege of designing. Each project requires a customized set of user interface implementations making every app have its own unique characteristics. Check out the articles to learn more!

  1. Creating Content For A Mobile-First World

    It is no longer a matter of when. The times have come. Everything you digitally create must now be mobile first. Starting almost three years ago now, Google started giving a higher priority to mobile searches versus desktop browsing, and they use this information in their rankings procedures. Switch…Read More

  2. The Five Components Of User Experience

    In this week’s blog, we thought that it would be beneficial to show you a behind-the-scenes look into what goes into our mobile app UI design process and what our secret is for app developing with Top Rated National® User Experience. When it comes to developing a mobile app and ensuring that the …Read More

  3. Elements of the Best UI Design

    User interface designing is not mere art. Interfaces are a platform meant to serve a purpose, and their effectiveness can be gauged. However, the best mobile app UI designs are not just utilitarian; they inspire, communicate, evoke, deliver, connect, and intensify the relationship between users and …Read More

  4. Why You Should Build A Mobile Dating App

    The birth of smartphones has without a doubt brought about the emergence of entire new industries and revolutionized countless others. One industry that has been a trending topic is the online dating world and how it has been revolutionized due to the mobile takeover of the industry. For an industry…Read More

  5. App Store vs Google Play: Which Is Best For Your Paid App?

    Developing a mobile app for your business? Off the bat, you have one very important decision to make: iOS or Android? Good question. With 99.6 percent of smartphones running on one of these two operating systems, the competition has intensified into a continuously narrowing “two-horse race.” Her…Read More

  6. Why Mobile App UX Design Is More Vital Than Ever

    In today’s times, having an aesthetically pleasing mobile app is simply not good enough. In order for your mobile app to truly be successful, it must be designed with UX (user experience) in mind by an app design company that puts it at the forefront of the creative process. Focusing on the UX dur…Read More