App Redesign InfographicThe mobile app development industry is certainly an industry of change — whether it’s the trends, the technology, or the tools available. For this reason, mobile app development and design is not a one-and-done type of practice. It may be considered development, but with app development comes constant redevelopment. You can’t simply bank upon the initial features, design, and promotional methods you implement with your app and assume they will always serve you well no matter what.

Mobile app designing is a constantly evolving process. That slick “new” feature that you thought was sophisticated and with the trends most likely became outdated in a matter of weeks. This is why having a successful mobile app involves constant improvements. App designers need to constantly update their knowledge along with being innovative and creative. This is why we recommend having an expert team like Xecuit on your side to assist you in the ongoing process of mobile app development.

Reasons to Redesign Your App

Design trends function in a relatively similar pattern across all areas of life. Every year, companies in the fashion industry come out with brand new lines of fashion that incorporate elements of new trends. The same concept applies to mobile app design, except the number of trends and new features are far more abundant. Here are a few of the key reasons to consider having your app redesigned by a mobile app developer.

Your App’s Competitors Already Have

As a current app owner, you are likely well aware of the stiff competition that exists in the mobile app market. In order to prevail, you have to stay ahead of your competition or at least keep up to prevent getting left in the dust as one of the gone-but-not-forgotten apps like Flappy Bird.

Your App Isn’t Converting

After you have had your app live for some time, it can be monitored to see where exactly in the app you are losing your potential conversions. Having an app developer optimize areas of your mobile app — updating designs and features that were once strengths but are now weaknesses — can have a huge impact on the number of conversions you see come in.

Your Rating Is Declining

If you are truly invested in your mobile app, then your ratings and reviews are of the utmost importance to you. This is because you are well aware of the fact that these two factors are the most prevalent in consumers’ decision-making process for downloading apps. Refreshing your app’s design by making it more intuitive, user-friendly, and fixing issues brought to your attention will please your current users as well as bring in new ones — helping boost your rating back up.

You Have New Target Markets

One of the most imperative times to reinvigorate your app is when you are adding a new target market to your app’s marketing strategy. Whether it is due to a new feature that is attractive to a group of consumers or you’re simply expanding your horizon with your app’s current offerings, redesigning is key. This is because your user experience and user interface must be further tailored to the demands of the new types of consumers you are targeting.

You Have New Features To Incorporate

If you are going to be offering a new product, service, or feature in your app, going through development is even more of a necessity. Not only is development necessary to incorporate the new content into the app, but it also is needed for revamping your brand for your new release. This is a common marketing and design practice across all industries — when something new is being offered, companies will reinvigorate themselves in order to draw consumers’ attention to their new improvements.

For example, when Instagram first began incorporating stories, they did not simply add the feature. Along with the stories came an entirely new search browser and even a new app logo design. Obviously, this is not necessary with every app update. But for the big ones that are changing the scope of your business, it’s crucial.

We hope this has been eye-opening to the importance of redesigning your app and how mobile app development is an ongoing process. Having a well qualified and dedicated team from an app development company makes the process much smoother. If you need a team like this for your app, put the app experts at Xecuit to work for you. Reach out to us for a flat rate quote for redesigning your mobile app.