According to David Murphy of Mobile Marketing Magazine, mobile apps will be the “norm” in the future, and he’s certainly not referring to the distant future, where many other business-tech trends find themselves. For your business to truly succeed in today’s digital-first world, it’s crucial that you create a mobile dedicated app in order to acquire all of the benefits these applications are capable of providing for your business. If you are interested in getting your business started with an app, reach out to us here at Xecuit, a Top Rated National® App Design Company.

Here are a few of the key benefits that having a mobile app designed can potentially provide for you and your organization.

Increased Engagement

Mobile apps offer a simple and convenient method to engage your customers. In late 2015, Mobile Marketing Magazine reported that people were already spending more of their time on apps than they were spending watching television. Today, approximately 90 percent of the time people spend on their smartphones is spent using apps. With consumers using apps so often, it presents a great, and possibly profitable, opportunity for you to interact with your customers using your own mobile app. You can solicit suggestions and feedback or even have full conversations with your customers through your company’s app.

Better Branding and Increased Loyalty

When you think about it, it’s pretty easy to realize how having a mobile app can boost your branding and increase consumers’ loyalty to your organization. When they download your app, an icon with your company’s name or logo will remain on users’ phone or tablet screens even when they’re not using your app. This ensures that your icon will always be visible to your consumer. Being easily visible helps immensely in keeping you in the top of mind so they turn to you with their business instead of to your competitors. Creating a loyalty program is also a very popular tactic used within apps to gamify purchases for the consumers; it effectively makes purchasing frequently more enticing to them.

Personalized Marketing and Free Publicity

Apps have a variety of features you can use to personalize your marketing messages, but the most notable that has changed how we reach customers is push notifications. You can use push notifications to share general messages about your upcoming promotions. You can also use them to send personalized reminders to consumers who haven’t visited or purchased from your business in a while. Has someone not placed their usual order to restock their supply of your product? You can use your mobile app to send them a personalized reminder. Has someone not used your pool cleaning services for the upcoming summer? You can use your app to remind them and keep them coming back.

A mobile app can also be a beneficial marketing tool on a much broader scale. Once you have a mobile app designed and live in the app store, you can connect it with your social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. This will give your followers the ability to create some free publicity for your business whenever they share your app, or content from your app, with their network of followers. They might even describe the positive experience they had with your business, which could lead to referrals for you.

Increase In Number of Customers

A mobile app can help you with lead generation and attracting a greater number of customers in general. In order for your app to be successful at this feat, you’ll have to promote your app on other platforms, such as your organization’s website, social media pages, and possibly even with paid search ads. As previously mentioned, you should also always integrate your app with social media so that your customers can share it with their followers with just one click — creating more potential customers.

Improved Customer Experience

A mobile app gives your customers access to your products or services 24/7 without requiring them to visit your retail location or even your website. In other words, it satisfies the need for instant gratification that many consumers have developed in today’s technological times. Even if you have a customer service hotline of sorts, you can still implement this through a feature in your app that enables customers to contact a representative anytime they need one. As a general rule, the more capabilities you are able to give people to use when they are on your app, the better their overall user experience will be — which is something that we care about a lot here at Xecuit.

Improved Company Image

When you have a mobile app in place, the majority of consumers will tend to take your business more seriously and view it in a more respectable light. They’ll also have an increased interest in the products or services you provide because a mobile app gives the impression that your business is current, sophisticated, technically savvy, and dedicated to your customer experience. Having an app provides much more value to your customers, so if your competitors aren’t currently implementing a mobile app in their marketing strategy, your customers are more likely to come back to you instead.

Hire An App Design Company

Even though you may be ready to start reaping all the benefits that a mobile app can provide, it doesn’t mean you’re prepared to create a mobile app for your business. There are many steps involved in getting to the final step of having a mobile app: from development and UX and UI design, to approval, app store optimization and much, much more. There are a lot processes you need to know about and be prepared to execute before you can start implementing an app into your business strategy — yielding the results you’re striving for.

To make an app that is not only functional, but also offers intuitive design with a quality user experience that will stand out to potential customers, it’s wise to hire a trusted app design company that has a track record of success like Xecuit.

If you are interested in beginning your venture into app creation for your business or potentially for a new app-centered business, contact us today to get a quote for your UI mobile app design! We offer flat rate, affordable pricing for all of your app-designing needs.